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the 2019 SCRUB Calendar

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 Monday, December 2, 2019 at 5:30 p.m.
 at the East Side Library.



Please join us for good information and good conversation.  See you there.

The New 2019 Meeting Calendar IS HERE
During 2019 meeting dates will be changed to the first Monday (with one exception) of the month
2019 meetings will still be at the East Side Library Meeting Room at 5:30 PM

Free trees for your property

The City of Des Moines is making it easier than ever for you to increase our urban tree canopy by planting trees on your property. As part of our annual Tiny Trees program, up to 5 FREE individual trees will be made available to city residents this spring, available for order at

DMPS announced in November 2017 its intention to build a new school at 3620 E. Douglas Avenue. The PK-6 school would have been the district’s second public Montessori school, and served some students currently attending Brubaker and Garton elementary schools.
Larger-than-hoped-for budget cuts will mean Des Moines Public Schools shelving plans for a new Montessori school on the city’s northeast side for the foreseeable future.
“The past several years of under-funding public education in Iowa is taking a toll, and our plans for a new Montessori school is a price that unfortunately must be paid,” said Dr. Thomas Ahart, superintendent of Des Moines Public Schools. “While the construction cost of the school building would have been met thanks to the statewide sales tax, the general fund expense of staffing and operating an additional school is simply not feasible at this time. As we prepare to reduce spending by millions of dollars, including not filling many teacher vacancies, this new school will simply not fit in our budget.”
Superintendent Ahart indicates that DMPS will have to reduce spending by the school district’s general fund by as much as $72 million over the next three years.
“Over the 110-year history of Des Moines Public Schools, the school district regularly adapted to changes in our community,” added Dr. Ahart. “Today, the needs of the families and neighborhoods in northeast Des Moines are a priority. However, until Iowa returns to supporting education in the way it has done historically, projects such as staffing and operating an additional new school must wait.”
DMPS will continue ownership of the property, which was purchased in December 2017, for possible use in the future. Renita Lord, who was announced as principal of the proposed school back in July, will continue as principal of Garton Elementary School.


Assistance for Residents with Flood Damage CLICK HERE

The Des Moines Public Library has many events going on
CLICK HERE to see them all.

I would like to inform all of you that the following Walgreens now have a box for you to drop off your unwanted medication or you can still come to police station do it as well.

901 Ankeny Blvd, in Ankeny, 24 hours
2545 E. Euclid Ave, in Des Moines, 24 hours
104 E. Euclid Ave, in Des Moines from 8am-10pm
4415 Douglas Ave, in Des Moines from 8am-10pm
3140 SE 14th St, in Des Moines, 24 hours
12753 University Ave, in Clive, 24 hours

Sgt. Doua Lor #4898
Asian Outreach Resource Officer
Neighborhood Base Services Delivery
Des Moines Police Department
25 E. 1st Street    Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Cell Phone (515) 971-0792




Des Moines Public Schools is taking the initial step to open a new elementary school.
The new school would be located near the intersection of East Douglas and Colfax,
and is being planned as a PK-6 Montessori school that could serve up to 450 students.

CLICK HERE for more info on this school project.

Melanie Shellenberger is the Administrator of the Safe at Home Program.  The program is located in the Secretary of State’s office because of the voting component.  It is not a witness protection program.  It is an address confidentiality program that helps survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking, stalking or violent crimes.  It provides a substitute address, mail forwarding service and confidential voter registration.  Participants must enroll and be certified by the Secretary of State’s staff. 
 For More Info GO HERE or go to the website at


The Des Moines Public Works Department offers this rebate program (up to $2,000) for residents who install certain property improvements that reduce stormwater drainage into city sewers. Information is available online at

Alternatively for more information, please call the Sewer Enterprise Office at (515) 323-8165.



The Des Moines Public Works Department has released details for the operation of the Private Property Protection Program. This program will provide a subsidy payment for a property owner who makes plumbing upgrades to reduce the amount of drainage into the sanitary sewer. Full details of this program are now available online at

Alternatively for more information, please call the Des Moines Public Works Department
 at (515) 283-4950.


Our very own Chairperson, Marge Ramsey, gets her
Citizen Volunteer Recognition Award from
Mayor Frank Cownie at the Rodine Mickle Dinner

With special recognition from Capitol Park Neighborhood Association


For The 2019 Northeast Neighbors And Friends Calendar CLICK HERE

For The 2019 SCRUB Calendar CLICK HERE

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Thanks to Scott Sanders, City Manager and Frank Cownie, Mayor and Bob Mahaffey, Ward 2 City Council for attending Northeast Neighbors and Friends meeting on June 1. It was a pleasure to have our elected officials in attendance and provide us with information about our city.

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The purpose of Northeast Neighbors and Friends is to share information and common interest and to increase the power of member neighborhood groups and associations. 
 We promote projects, forums, and other community efforts for
the benefit of the Northeast area of Des Moines.

SMART 911 Service

Smart911 is a free service used by public safety agencies across the country to enhance communication and response for their community.  It can be used by 9-1-1 agencies to quickly send first responders to the location of an emergency with more information, by emergency management to better plan for and respond to disasters, and by municipalities to send emergency notifications to their citizens.  By creating a Safety Profile for your family, you are providing potentially life-saving information to public safety officials at the time when they need it most. 
To view a fact sheet click HERE,  to view a uses of sheet click HERE.

Did you know that the Des Moines Police Department offers a “Vacation Watch” program?  
 If you will be away from home, you can let the police department know
of your absence by calling the non-emergency number (283-4811).
A territory officer will note your absence and perform extra patrol from time to time while you are away.

For Police issues each area of the city has a designated officer for a more personalized response.  To view a map that shows the territory for each NBSD officer click HERE.  

A sincere note of thanks to our Polk County Supervisor, Tom Hockensmith, who graciously
awarded Douglas Acres Neighborhood Association a "Polk County Betterment Grant". 
 With this money we received from this grant, we are able to continue mailing
our newsletter out to all residents in the neighborhood.
 We are also able to purchase additional signage promoting our events.
New this year, we will also be able to purchase additional Free Little Libraries for our neighborhood.



As soon as spring FINALLY arrives and the frost is out of the ground to drive in the posts, there will be several Little Libraries in the Northeast Neighbors and Friends Neighborhood.  The libraries themselves are small weatherproof glass-front boxes on a post in front yards near the sidewalk.  Adults and children are encouraged to stop and take a book to read and/or put a book in it for someone else to read.  All exchanges are free and the goal is to provide free books to anyone to promote reading.

The locations of these libraries are posted here and updated as new ones are put up:

1519 York Street

Capitol Hill Christian Church 
3322 E. 25th Street)  

2480 E. Douglas Ave

3944 E. 26th Street

4009 E. 23rd Street

4300 NE Arthur

3101 E 43rd St

2822 E 29th Street 

 3607 block of Park Side Drive
cul-de-sac in the south edge of Brook Run Park)

Stover Heights Mobile Home Park

1532 Hull Ave by Luther Park

112 E. Washington Ave

Sheridan Gardens

Hilltop Apartments

3427 E. Shawnee ave

Staves Methodist Church
(E 28th and Madison)

E. 8th & Seneca

1629 E 24th St

2516 Lay Street


 This is a new developing program so if you would like to donate to enable more Little Libraries and/or have one in your yard contact one of the board members. If you are a handy woodworker who would like to build these Libraries we do have blueprint plans available.

The Emerald Ash Borer is Coming
The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is coming to Central Iowa and has been spotted as close as the
Newton area. EAB kills all Ash trees and is considered the most destructive tree pest ever seen in
North America. There are quite a few Ash trees on the east side, both on City
property and in private yards. The City has begun the process of identifying which trees need to be
removed from City property and have actually removed some of them this Spring.
The City intends to notify the homeowner at least 3 days before removal. Once the tree has been cut down, another contractor will return at a later date and take out the remaining stump.  If you have an Ash tree on the City “parking” in front of your home and it is cut down, you can request that another tree be planted by the City.
For more information, go to the City website ( ) and look for the “Emerald Ash Borer” link
 in the Quick Links section on the left side of the webpage.
 When you visit that website, you can read the City of Des Moines Emerald Ash Borer Management Plan
 and find links to a variety of resources regarding this topic.
Most people agree that trees increase our property value and if you want to save your Ash
tree, treatment options are available. You can learn more at the website above.

  Northeast Neighbors and Friends held a school supply drive and Merit Resources stepped in and helped make the event a huge success.  A huge thank you to Laura, Pete and  everyone at  Merit Resources for their generosity, they delivered to Willard Elementary School more than 30 completely filled backpacks in addition to several cases of school supplies.

Willard School has sent a thank you letter for these supplies that can be seen HERE


Four-Mile Creek Watershed Study

Info on the project website

Membership and meetings are open to all residents and neighborhood associations
within the boundaries for Northeast Neighbors and Friends.


The boundaries are as follows: 
The River on the West, the River on the South, city limits on the North, and the city limits on the East. 
Any person eighteen years or older who is a resident of, owner of property, or owner of a business
within the boundaries of Northeast Neighbors and Friends may be a member. 
For more information please contact Tania.



Elected officers 

Vice Chair:
     Norm Kamm - Grays Woods

     Marge Ramsey - Capitol Park

Board Members:
      Kevin Marken - Accent
      Shelly Rodriquez - Grays Woods
      Valerie Madison - Union Park
      Paul Sadler - Union Park
      Linda Westergaard - Douglas Acres
      Dennis Dyer - Douglas Acres - Webmaster




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